best style contest

newest contest is to create your own style

all you have to do is to take a blank chobot playercard(no clothes on)

put it in ms paint and draw your own clothes on it(like waysarbi)

then upload it on and then coment your picture url to this post

prizes are very good but also a surprize



  1. mondobob said

    ok, heres mine

    I did this using a new program i got, its not fake.

    • chobottimes said

      nice 1 monodobob

      i had just gave paint for example because thats the easiest btw your 1 is pretty cool

  2. iqhnjkfh said

    I’ll add mine as soon as i get on my laptop with photoshop

  3. iqhnjkfh said

    ok heres mine (kinda messy cos photoshop cnnot work)

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