the bold,underline and italic writings

hey ppl breaking news theres a new thing you can now bold underline or italic your chobots chat

heres how





just copy and paste the one code you want in your chat bar


heres how to do the colours

tfk21you can use which ever color you want

just replace the code in the fig

all you have to type in the chat bar is

<font color=”color code”>your text

at the place of color code you haver to insert the code of the color you want to appear there here are some basic color codes if you want any color code just comment and i will give its code under 24 hours

some basic codes




yellow: #FFFF00

skin: #FFE4C4


i know they are just a bit but just comment with whichever color you want and under 24 hours(1 day) you will get its code



  1. Izuna said

    can u tell wat is the code for the transparent?

    • chobottimes said

      um theres no color for transperent however there is white means people cant see your words in chat bubble but in chat history they can

      shall i give the code for this white?hope thats what you mean

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