guess what moonkee have became my close friend and hes the newest mod of chobots heres his playercard


he gave me a lot of gifts(sorry for hiding what he gave me)


we both even played hide n seek but guess what he was not able to find me(he didnt cheated(mods can know where we are with button) thats why he was not able to find me)

untitled-3he then told something so good against a lot of people(ok not a lot of ppl but 2-3 agents)

untitled-4we are close friends now and we will do even more fun daily



  1. Ryan12345 said

    I ma the Frist One TO Comment in This Post! YAY!
    When are we going to counited the Competion?

    This is Ryan12345! From Chobots! Your Friend!

    • chobottimes said

      dear ryan the contest is continue the points are getting out fast

  2. Achtung said

    hey !congrats moonkee!! he is in!!!
    awesome blog!


  3. Doraemon said


  4. jeffrey177 said

    hi my name is jeffrey177 in chobot i want to become a agent how can you help me i met chobot but he doesnt have time to talk


  5. Ryan12345 said

    Ummm… Okay? But Aayush haven’t been Comming On Chobots For a Weeks. So He haven’t gave me a lot of points.

    If you can Try to talk to Aayush ask him this Question From Ryan12345!

    Question: I Forgot How Many Points I had. So can you Tell Me How Many Points I have?

    This Comemnt Id From Ryan12345 On Chobots

    dear ryan i am online on chobots and appear daily at my routine time btw you have 8 points

  6. Style dude 2 said

    why can’t u show what he gave u?

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