the time have came chobot games to start

i think we gave a really long time for people to sign up for chobot games i have wrote down the names of all participants and addmissions closed

all the participants must meet me in chobots as soon as 2 oarticipants are here i will put them to a match you will earn points by winning and lose points by loosing

contact me in chobots to start your first battle

note:i am always online on chocolate you can meet me on chocolate anytime i am online most of the toime and my main place is cafe street

plus maybe i will make warsarbi a judge too.hes not one yet



  1. thadeus said

    wow im first!

  2. I am ready for the ultimate game
    but i have exams
    😦 😦 😦 😦 😦 😦
    i try my best to come

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