the things in the next update-
chess coming
friend list limit-
agents=200 friends
citizens=300 friends
normal chobots=100

thats all for now



  1. what if you an agent and a citizen?

  2. gurpreet said

    then you have 300 friends because it is the highest

  3. Doraemon said


  4. Gonzales said

    why did u know?

  5. Doraemon said

    Gonzales,I thought you should know cus ur a agent?

  6. Moonkee said

    greate!! More friends , more fun!

  7. akhilofindia said

    Hey aayush
    is there any more posts for the agents
    i like making LOT AND LOTS of freinds

  8. kool_man said

    Hey if ur an agent and citizen maybe u have 500 friends MAYBER

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