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news(not sure but maybe it is)

hello theres a news(its not sure) but maybe the 2nd building which is next to space reace with a coming soon board will be a theatre

more information coming soon


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hey guys here is wat go! did when i was cafe street! we were FLYING!fly


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400 hits needed for 15000 hits

good news guys we just need 400 more hits to get 15000 hits men today or tomorrow we will be over 15000 hits we will throw a big party for it

oh and btw chobots have removed the function that we can log in by one account at once

start logging in with your clones now

you can login with as many account as you want(dont open too much of them or your browser might crash)

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best style contest

newest contest is to create your own style

all you have to do is to take a blank chobot playercard(no clothes on)

put it in ms paint and draw your own clothes on it(like waysarbi)

then upload it on and then coment your picture url to this post

prizes are very good but also a surprize

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im back

hey guys aayush here im back

if some of you have been wondering where was i or i was active then how i had gone so the answer is from last week i was not able to spend a lot of time on chobots because my exams are starting soon

but im back to posting as my school timings changed for my exam month

omg i will update the blog fast i have some major plans for chobotstimes

keep in touch and be active on chobots contests like citizenship contests e.t.c coming soon(it wont be a commenting contest)

the winer of the last commenting contest is saiyan

i will soon give away some more prizes and awards

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Pet glitch

hey guys here is a pet glitch

1. go to an edge of ur housepet-glitch2
2. the go click on the direct opposite side of the house you were standing on. Your pet should have flown off the house or screen!pet-glitch


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hey guys firstly the Chopix quests is here u have to find the spy robots and hand it to him!chopix1
the pets are also here! Here’s mine but only citizens can walk them 😦choupdates1
there also the new masks out (citizen only) and you can now buy the arcade games as well (citizen only) you now also trade so it prevents scamming (very cool update)!


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