hey guys a great friend of mine Paris006 (say hi if u see her) has given me some citizen magic CHECK IT OUT 🙂




  1. gurpreet said

    Hey I know her in planetcazmo. Paris006 I am Gopi8(which is my brothers username on chobots) on planetcazmo.

  2. akhilofindia said

    hi gopi
    i am akhil dou know simrat
    i hade visited ur blog once

  3. akhilofindia said

    hey aaysh
    tell me how do u transfer money from one account 2 another

  4. akhilofindia said

    hey man
    space race is bcomin strange day by day by day
    i played with my sis and some other guy
    and during the mid we all got 50
    and one more thing in the locating thing in the right side is dam dam strange
    i am tellinya
    i think its coz of over population
    just a possibility

  5. akhilofindia said

    very nice post
    and i wanna tell u something
    NINJA07 is a hacker
    he asked my pass and also called me badwords

  6. Doraemon said

    Im her friend:)I think.Lol.Cool btw

  7. iqhnjkfh said

    omg is tat me in one of he pics?

  8. Doraemon said

    Wow it is you I think!

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