ok guys im finding it difficult to see who is voting, so i have decided to make a list of ppl u can vote. same rules apply.
1.all mods
2.all agents
3.all citizens
4.anyone who has contributed to chobots (u can only vote if the have contributed if they have a blog over 1000 views, contest winners for the blog, ppl on blogroll for official chobots blog) if u vote someone from this category show me the link so i can check.
if u vote someone and it doesnt fit any of this criteria or if u break rules no matter who u vote it will not be counted.




  1. iqhnjkfh said

    awww man! ok i vote for vit

  2. zone said

    all agents

  3. zone said

    with blogs so it limits it

  4. Doraemon said

    okay remember i vote fer aayush.not me for 1 thing:)

  5. gvggd said

    i vote for ayyush

  6. Cooldude89 said

    Mightythunder89!!(my friend)

  7. gamer1o1 said

    D=. aaah. i was hoping i would win but i dont fit any of the criteria. oh well. i still vote for princess.

  8. waysarbi said

    pls do not post useless comments, just votes and mightythunder doesnt fit criteria!

  9. akhilofindia said

    i vote for 4

  10. xxxx said

    i vote for all mods

  11. waysarbi said

    sorry guys i think u misundersatnd me i dont mean all mods i mean any mods, same with citizens and agents

  12. akhilofindia said

    I vote for aayush

  13. chobotsrock said

    sigh aayush wining i vote for princess

  14. Darkcartman said


  15. ashley209 said

    i vote for tina

  16. xxxx said

    i vote for tina

  17. pinkpandaprincess said

    well thats really hard i dont know who should i choose but i think this time is…..umm….vayerman!

  18. daisy sweetie said

    can we have 2 votes!! lol jk XD
    i vote for tinagothic this time… XD

  19. awesome dude said

    i vote for canab

  20. Joey said

    I think anyone who has a site!
    cause like..if you have a site, then it shows ur interested and that you like really mean what ur voting, not just looking and like “o look, a poll…ill just click a random one” u kno??
    well, thats wut i think! =)
    Hope this helped!


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