good chobots gone bad(fishalate a hacker)

i cant believe our agent dipartment got a hacker


i cant believe and first time im ashamed entire agent dipartment is ashamed that we got a hacker

omg he is also spamming badly

look another thing


i agree what he said(sorry i cant bounce his name



  1. Doraemon said

    btw I dont think really he should be a agent…cus I thought that time he like well,got banned from spamming?

  2. Doraemon said

    Maybe he just wants the wall actually ya know

  3. Doraemon said

    LOL!Just kidding:):):)!Its time for my party prize on valentimes day maybe…he he he!

  4. moderator said

    officere is a hacker…

  5. moderator said

    ill banned him

  6. 10saverkg said

    Fishlate should be replace by me or guguzi

  7. 10saverkg said

    Me and guguzi are investigating on this crime until we find out who is it

  8. 10saverkg said

    Don’t worry guys we can help you

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