chobots army

theres a army released tahts called chobots army heres what the badge looks like

aayush-ca1ca-badge1official site

plus we work like police also so all the bad chobots you spot comment them on the reports page and if possible give their playercard

to join stay and other information see that site

also see that site daily as our site will be informing all the newest ways scammers,hackers e.t.c are using

remember the future of chobots is in our hands now if one person is doing a crime and all chobots attack him then he will be destroyed but 10 more criminals will not rise who would have learnt from those criminals



  1. mightythunder89 said

    I sthe badge true??

  2. akhilofindia said

    I would like to join the Chobots army.
    My qualifications are as follows:
    1 I have chobotting for 36 days.
    2 I have always fought against people who corrupt chobots.
    3 I have been longing to be an agent for a longtime.
    4 I am your freinds
    And if I get a qualification test for entering the chobots army, I have full confidence that I will be selected.
    akhilofindia and akhilofindia2

  3. jaymunk said

    Hey aayush can i be in you Army
    It would be great

  4. Doraemon said


  5. Candyman4950 said

    can i join?

  6. 12cheen said

    can i be an army?

  7. Digby8 said

    Can I join?

  8. mightythunder89 said

    Is the badge true please reply. By the way it’s cool

  9. gvggd said

    cool can i join

  10. Stoon said

    I want to join my email is and im agent

  11. chobotscheater said

    pls pls pls i want to join this army
    i wanna have an army pls

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