ok guys i have finally decided to do a second series, but i need ur help. i need u to tell me which chobot is ur favourite (it doesnt have to be an agent or mod or citizen, it can be anyone) no voting urself and the favourite 5 will be the one i draw, i will be drawing a 6th one but tat is one of my choice 🙂 VOTE AWAY!!! ( u can only vote for one choboots and u can only vote once make a wise choice)

please comment and vote on the post contest #2 only to get it counted




  1. zone said

    i vote for……………………kittenking

  2. jaymunk said

    I vote for Pretty3

  3. jaymunk said

    I vote Pretty3

  4. waysarbi said

    oh and remember give me a picture of who it is wheni find who wins

  5. jaymunk said

    I vote Pretty3
    She is really nice and wonderfull

  6. chobotsrock said

    umm u might know him he is canab

  7. waysarbi said

    u can only vote once

  8. jaymunk said

    ok i will

  9. jaymunk said

    Pretty 3 is the best
    I vote for her

  10. gamer1o1 said

    I would like to vote for princess because she understands theme music. =D
    sorry everyone else, i wish icould vote more than once

  11. chobotsrock said

    i bet pretty 3 is u

  12. jaymunk said

    No shes my friend

  13. gurpreet8 said

    I vote for empalon

  14. ashley209 said

    i vote for tinagothic! 😀
    i wish i can for for more than one…

  15. ashley209 said


  16. Nikhil said

    I vote for jaanssiva he had helped me a lot .

  17. mondobob said

    meowfrenzy or kittenking, i dont realy care but one of them

  18. Mallari123 said

    I think mightythunder89 and ummmm who else??? I think him

  19. Doraemon said


  20. Doraemon said

    change my vote to aayush instead

  21. carmelina said

    i vote 4 sparklingbubble

  22. aayush said


  23. aayush said


  24. aayush said


  25. aayush said


  26. aayush said


  27. aayush said


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