citizen 4 ever(how to be)

hey every1 i found out a way that can make us citizen4ever(not only citizen but member of club penguin e.t.c)

plus you know when you will achieve that your parents will be proud of you and might buy a lot more things for you

heres how

go to the site

register(you need a alertpay account for that)(ask your parents to make you one)

do click there dily i wont take more than 7 minutes

and its all free you dont need to pay anything

now start doing it wont take more than 7 minutes a day and refer that will get you more than you do youtself ut do it yourself also)



  1. chobotshints said

    do i need to pay?

    • chobottimes said

      no its free you get paid instead

  2. chobotsrock said

    ….wat about if ur mom and dad say no

    • chobottimes said

      umm then say them that just make a account and have the hold of it themself and when you complete it they will just buy you memberships with that

      and yeah you can even get that cashed and delivered to ur home and buy anything you want

  3. chobotshints said

    do you need to give credit card or something?

    • chobottimes said

      not necessary its a aditional option

  4. chobotshints said

    my mum doesn t want to
    😦 😦
    i wish i could be a club penguin and chobots member

    • chobottimes said

      well say her to keep the hold of the account herself and the account you operate and do that daily your mum will surely agree

  5. jaansiva said

    I knew this site before but did not know how to use it thanks a lot. Do you KNow clubpenguin.

  6. akhilofindia said

    i am not g
    what do we have to do for getting the nembership
    pls help

  7. chobotsaiyan said

    hey does it really work?

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