new updates(citizenship,shops,big updates)

hey dudes first of all citizenship is released i am a bit happy and a bit sad of citizenship also

wardrobe updated

our items are small we can hold a lot of things now and there is a can


click the red button on the corned to close wardrobe plus use the button in middle to take off clothes


our houses are updated and we lost our color shower and the walk path and our houses got a teleporter to move now


chat bar

the chat bar is updated and even citizens get better chat bar


house shop

the house shop is now open and you can buy houses now however furniture not released yet


pet shop

the pet shop looks like a greenary but its a pet shop the pets are not released yet but when it will be the citizens will be able to make pets

where i marked clicking there will make pets


magic catalog



the citizens can have all the suits for bugs now plus we can no longer buy them for money


i will post the effects of all of those potions soon

congrats if you dreamed to draw on wall now you can but be aware if you do something banned then chobots will ban you forever without seeing if your a citizen or not

and dont make it go bad(a lot of you) otherwise none will be able to draw so please cooprate with each other

also canab did some cool tricks(i became a rainbow chobot)

and ya i have a lot of tricks by canab in store and will release them out ad we are putting some vidoes of me affected by canabs magic



  1. Doraemon said

    what is the can for anyway

  2. codybodie99 said

    Hi show the pic of the rainbow chobot plz ok?

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