me hacked

hello aayush here

i have been hacked

yep this is a breaking news

i have not been traped in anyones game for asking username or passsword

untill my return i will be using tiger1 named account to come on chobots

please i need all your support as i cant contact any mods



  1. Doraemon said

    :(:(awww….btw I won ur contest:)

  2. Doraemon said

    k I will help ya

  3. Doraemon said

    as for my prize,i can still wait no worrys

  4. jaymunk said

    Do ya know who it was?

  5. Doraemon said

    he dont know

  6. chobotsaiyan said

    estuans got hacked and i know how to get it back!
    when u log in click forgot password and type the email u used to create aayush then check ur mail and log in then when u get there u should change ur pass as fast as u could!

  7. devin1233 said

    im maed

  8. devin1233 said

    im mad

  9. the problem is,he cant enter aayush.

  10. btw Aayush I MAY want to host my party reward soon…prepare ur camara!

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