Octopus and Agent Art

hey guys here a drawing. by the way please dont ask me to draw u. im resting from drawing Chobots.




  1. hey waysarbi and aayush
    help me
    i am both of u r freind
    i have a prob,my id full chat is fully blocked.
    instead of flick i said fick
    they disabled my full chat
    i also have pro in activating my sisiers account

    answer:hello akhil the solution to your chat problem is to ask a moderator only mods can give back your chat and for the second problem please give details about it

  2. waysarbi said

    hey i can help too
    go to contact us next to blog. then tell them ur prob

  3. thanks guys
    but i still have probs
    how can i contact the moderators?
    my sis id is anupamaptkpr
    she is tryin 2 activateher id but she cant
    waysarbi and aayush pls help me
    answer:just find a moderator and ask him
    ps:the text i said to the mods when it happened to me was me no chat give chat

  4. pcsillyman said

    hey cool blog could i work here with you from the looks of my chobots blog u may think i dont know what im doing but i have a planet cazmo site with over 50,000 views and another one with over 200,000 views and a cp site with over 10,000 views

    hmm we will think about it

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