chobots rules

Advertising: You are not allowed to share links unless it is for a Chobots blog. If you are sharing your Chobots blog URL, you cannot say your link more than twice in a row. Saying it more than two times in a row will be considered to be spamming and is not allowed. Also, please try to say your blog without having the screen filled up by your advertisement.

Bad Language: Bad language is not allowed. It you wouldn’t say it in front of your Mom, Dad or teacher then you shouldn’t say it on Chobots. If you are caught saying bad words you will have your chat disabled for 5-15 minutes or may be kicked out. Using bad language can also lead to a ban, so don’t do it. Please be respectful of other Chobots and use kind words with talking to one another.

Charities: We think it’s great that you are trying to help out each other on Chobots, but if you’re going to give out gifts please do not ask for donations. Please do not feel like you have to give gifts – no one can be ‘poor’ on Chobots since everyone can work hard and earn money.

Begging: Please don’t beg/ask for clothes. If you have a glitch on your account that is causing you not to be able to earn money please email, or send an admin message so it can be fixed. Otherwise, work hard to earn money because it is annoying to have to deal with a lot of messages a day asking for clothing. If you are caught begging you may be kicked out or have your chat disabled for 5-15 minutes.

No Dating: Chobots is not meant for online dating, so please do it somewhere else.

Scamming: Of course, scamming is not allowed. An example of scamming is when someone says “if you give me a smiley shirt, I will give you my shoes” even though the player has no intentions of giving away a pair shoes. The other player says yes and gives away their smiley shirt but never gets the pair of shoes in return. Scamming is also saying something like “the first person to give me a gift will get a gift” because that is just tricking people into thinking they are first. Scamming can lead to a ban, so please don’t do this.

Asking to be an Agent / Moderator: Please DO NOT ask to be an Agent or Moderator because it will lower your chances of becoming one. Do you want to know how to become an Agent? Then read the agents page to find out how. If you follow the requirements, they will see it and you will become an agent.

(taken from the official chobots blog)


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