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canabs awesome art


its what he drew


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another bad thing done by fishalate(how mea

hey i cant think fishalate can go this much down

hey every1 fishalate is commenting under my name(aayush) so all remember thats not me(how down fishalate have fallen)

hes commenting using my name(aayush) but thats not me thats that fishalate who comments under my name i cant believe he fallen this much down

tahts not me thats fishalate and hes trying to save his reputation and trying to make me fall and remember when i comment my name appear as “chobottimes” not “aayush”

plus dont believe on those fake comments by that down fishalate if i want to say anything i will better post not comment and that down fishalate is commenting using my name dont beleive those comments

that fishalate i cant believe he could fall this much down


tahts not me thats that fishalate

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hey guys a great friend of mine Paris006 (say hi if u see her) has given me some citizen magic CHECK IT OUT 🙂


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ok guys im finding it difficult to see who is voting, so i have decided to make a list of ppl u can vote. same rules apply.
1.all mods
2.all agents
3.all citizens
4.anyone who has contributed to chobots (u can only vote if the have contributed if they have a blog over 1000 views, contest winners for the blog, ppl on blogroll for official chobots blog) if u vote someone from this category show me the link so i can check.
if u vote someone and it doesnt fit any of this criteria or if u break rules no matter who u vote it will not be counted.


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good chobots gone bad(fishalate a hacker)

i cant believe our agent dipartment got a hacker


i cant believe and first time im ashamed entire agent dipartment is ashamed that we got a hacker

omg he is also spamming badly

look another thing


i agree what he said(sorry i cant bounce his name

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chobots army

theres a army released tahts called chobots army heres what the badge looks like

aayush-ca1ca-badge1official site

plus we work like police also so all the bad chobots you spot comment them on the reports page and if possible give their playercard

to join stay and other information see that site

also see that site daily as our site will be informing all the newest ways scammers,hackers e.t.c are using

remember the future of chobots is in our hands now if one person is doing a crime and all chobots attack him then he will be destroyed but 10 more criminals will not rise who would have learnt from those criminals

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the hacker o i traced him

hey guys i have just now traced the hacker and it was my little cousin
who logged on because i use to say it to remember pass
he just wanted to see chobots

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