new updates

first of all a new server is out its cakeville


secondly now anybuddy can write on wall its so bad now the wall is nothing everybuddy is cutting each other and there are just stripes on the wall no drawing no graffti no writing otherwise you can even tell the nice agents to write your name and they do plus many people look at different drawing people make its so bad that now theres nothing but stipes and nobody can do anything.(send a mail to adminstration to get this removed)

and lastly

Now you can change your password whenever you want! You may need this if you think someone has accessed your account. To change your password, go to Menu Screen and select “Change your password” and enter old and new password.

If your password has been changed and you forgot it, you can use ‘forgot your password’ feature at your registration screen.


thats all i am so angry from that new update that anybuddy can do anything


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