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new year party chobot present

happy new year

may the new year bring hapiness to your life
here are the pics(sorry for their wideness you can see half of it sorry again


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we are over 2000 hits

manĀ  we are over 2000 visits now

thanks to all who visit us and help us make chobotstimes a sucess

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sweet childhood missing cakeville appears

hey man now sweet childhood is missing i think they are updating the servers

plus after about 6 hours sweet battle is now working in cakeville but not in big grin

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cakeville missing

today when i logged on i seen cakeville missing maybe they are updating something

if it dont appears soon(in 1-2 days) then i will shift the party to big grin

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we are over 1000 hits

hey guys we got over 1000 hits wow

1000 hits party coming soon

lets celebrate

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my birthdays coming

hey guys my birthday is coming and ur invited


PLACE:classroom(inside academy)


hope you come

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wall fixed and server names replaced

first of all the walls fixed woot now again only agents mods and citizens write there maybe this problem can rise again if we get a lot of citizens anyway

plus the citizenship will cost about 5-6$

and the server names got replcaed right now i think its temporary and they are updating something but im pretty sure its temporary anyway heres a pic


also a agent named vinj is no more a agent people say that he wrote bad words on wall but we are not sure
edit:hes a agent again now

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